Social Media Marketing Services

We help small businesses effectively utilise social media by providing affordable management and 1-2-1 training

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Management Packages

Build your business reach with a dedicated social media manager

Basic Social

Begin to build awareness and trust
£ 100 per month
  • 2 unique social posts per week
  • Up to 2 social media accounts
  • Choice of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram
  • We respond to questions and comments on posts
  • No monthly report

Advanced Social

Build a social presense
£ 200 per month
  • 3 unique social posts per week
  • Up to 3 social media accounts
  • Choice of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram
  • We respond to questions and comments on posts
  • Basic monthly report

Ultimate Social

Accelerate business growth
£ 300 per month
  • 4 unique social posts per week
  • Up to 4 social media accounts
  • Choice of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram
  • We respond to questions and comments on posts
  • Detailed report

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Social Media Marketing Services

One Man Web Design & Media offers a range of services to suit your business needs

Brand Management

This involves identifying and setting up relavant usernames across the most appropriate social channels for your business.From resizing media to fit to specific dimensions, to ensuring all the relevant and accurate information is included on your page, we can take care of it all.To ensure your brand is not damaged we can audit user comments, and monitor what other are saying about your company.As a social media manager going forward we can manage your social pages, to ensure you present a professional and trusted brand to all potential customers.

Content Marketing

In order to gain a large presense on social media it is important to regularly post engaging and relevant content.A social media manager can help you to achieve this by optimising the content that you provide. This means making it SEO friendly, creating professional artwork and adding hashtags.Optimised posts help to increase traction for social campaigns and more likes, followers, comments, and mentions across your social media channels.More engagements and better content leads to more traffic to your site. 

Social Media Training

Want to stay in full control of your social channels? No problem! We also offer social media marketing tuition so you are able to learn how to build your social presence yourself. You remain in total control and there is no long-term contract.In return you will learn from a social media marketing expert who has created, published, and maintained bespoke social media channels for the last decade.We can teach you key considerations in increasing your social presence and engagement rates.Our 1-2-1 training starts from £80 per hour.

Paid Social Advertising

With over 4 billion people logging into social media channels every day it is key to maximise your chances of getting noticed. Paid social media advertising is one proven way to do this.We use our expert knowledge to make the most of your advertising spend, helping you to achieve page likes/followers, brand reach, leads, sales, page visits and more.Our experience enables us to generate huge result for you account, We currently offer paid social media advertising across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Social Media Management FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

A social media manager will research your business and industry. They will then use this research to post optimised content, create infographics, and hashtags, to ensure that it engages the correct audience.

The main channels that we use which are suitable for 99% of our clients are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Other channels can be used at special request.

Our basic monthly report  contains basic stats such as new likes/followers,  post comments, and private messages.

The detailed monthly report shows much more in depth overview to your social pages. For example, new likes, followers, engagements, comments, as well as other useful data.

You can cancel at any time you wish. There is no exit fee. All you need to pay is up to the end of the month.

Our social media marketing tuition starts at £80 per hour. Reduced rates are available for team training with up to 8 people.

You provide the content and we optimise it and target it at the right audience through paid advertising such as facebook ads.

You can contact us by email at or fill in our web contact form. We can then discuss your requirements further and give an estimate of cost.