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Utilise one of the most effective ways of promoting your business.

"Picking the correct Social Media channels for your business is key. You need to identify which ones enable you to connect with your customers."

When people think of social media they think of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However it’s important to understand these are not the only ones available. Depending on your type of business there are many other effective options. For example, Linkedin is good for corporate business, whereas instagram is good for retail businesses to showcase their products.

It’s not only the choice of social media channels that is important. But also the way you manage them. Research shows that pages who post more regularly show up more at the top of peoples news feeds than those pages who do not post regularly. This is why we recommend that businesses post on social media at least once a week. However, due to time constraints not all businesses have the time to do this. This is where One Man comes in. We are able to take your content, optimise it, create artwork and post it on the correct platform.

If you don’t feel your social media presence is up to scratch compared to those of your competitors, or just want to build more likes/followers in order to create more awareness of your brand, then get in contact today. Let’s talk about what difference we can make to your social media presence, and build more leads.

Brand Management

This involves identifying and setting up the most effective usernames and profiles across the best channels for your business type.

From producing logos and cover photos to fit on your page to ensuring all the relevant information is included – we are able to do it all.

Going forward we can manage your social pages, to ensure you present a professional and trusted brand to all potential customers.

Content Marketing

In order to gain a large presence on social media it is important to regularly post engaging and relevant content.

We are able to achieve this by optimising the content that you provide. This means making it SEO friendly, creating artwork and adding hashtags.

Optimised posts help to increase traction for social campaigns which will lead to more traffic to your site, as well as more likes and followers across your social media channels.

Social Media Training

Want to stay in control? No problem! We also offer social media marketing tuition so you are able to learn how to build your social presence yourself. Clients remain in total control and there is no long-term contract.

In return you will learn from a social media marketing expert who has created, published, and maintained bespoke social media channels for the last decade.

We can teach you key considerations in increasing your social presence and engagement rates. Our 1 to 1 training starts from £30 per hour.

Paid Advertising

With over 4 billion people logging into social media channels every day it is key to maximise your chances of getting noticed!

We will use our expert knowledge to make the most of your advertising spend, helping you to achieve page likes/followers, brand reach, leads, sales, page visits and more.

Our experience enables us to generate huge result for you account, We currently offer paid advertising across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.