Case Study- Headway Tutors

A tutoring website designed to advertise its services and gain leads from new students and tutors.

web development for tutoring company - Headway Tutors

Project Overview

The Client

Headway Tutors is a bespoke tuition company based in Richmond, London. They offer a range of in-person and online lessons to students nationally and internationally. Whilst their head office is in London they have locations all across the UK, specializing in a variety of subjects including English, Maths, Science, History, Economics, and languages. You can visit their website here:

The Challenge

Chris from Headway Tutors came to us looking for some help developing his existing site after having a negative experience with a previous agency. We were able to take a look at the site and determine that there was unfinished content that needed to be fixed. The challenge here was to fix the current layout and content issues and develop the site going forward.

The developments had to accomplish three objectives: content, technical, and local SEO optimization so that they would rank higher on search engines; expanding on the existing content by creating new pages and posts; adding new marketing tools to help gain more leads.

The Solution

After our initial client call with Headway Tutors, we were able to get an overview of the current website situation and establish a suitable strategy to reach their goals. Firstly, we worked our way through a list of content issues on the existing WordPress website. We were able to fix these issues which made the site much more professional straight away.

Then we began to add features using WordPress – A content management system that makes editing web content simple. We added various marketing tools such as a pop-up form which was used to collect leads and a live chat facility to make it easier for clients to get in touch. We also added a number of new pages which were optimized for SEO using keyword research. The goal was to drive as many people looking for such services to the site while also providing information on what Headway offers to their clients.

The Results

We were able to fix any existing issues on the site, develop its SEO, add new optimized content, beautiful pop-ups, a live chat facility, location pages, and more. These extensive changes have turned the site from a brochure site into a complete marketing platform which is an asset to the business. This work has helped the business gain high-quality leads and assisted subsequent growth.

It was a pleasure to work with Chris from Headway Tutors and we are still heavily involved in the development of their website, and that of their sister company, Manchester Tutors.

User Friendly Website for Headway Tutors
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Mobile Friendly Website Design for London Tutoring Company
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Our Project Feedback

So glad I found One Man.Matthew’s knowledge of all things Wordpress and web has not only helped me to create a great sitebut working with Matthew has also left me 10 times more knowledgeable. Thanks Matthew!