Website Maintenance and Hosting

Hire us to look after your website from only £20 per month | We handle updates, backups, security, optimisation and more

Website Maintenance And Hosting

Website Care Plans

Built for your peace of mind

Basic Care

Crucial updates and backups for smaller sites
£ 20 per month
  • Wordpress Updates
  • Fortnightly plugin updates
  • Fortnightly theme updates
  • Daily backups
  • Security Protection and monitoring
  • 15 mins tech support/changes per month
  • Monthly web care report sent to your email
  • Cancel anytime
  • Hosting not included*

Enhanced Care

Enhanced updates and support for small/medium sites
£ 35 per month
  • Wordpress Updates
  • Fortnightly plugin/theme updates
  • Daily backups
  • Security Protection and monitoring
  • Database cleaning and optimisation
  • 60 mins tech support/changes per month
  • Monthly web care report sent to your email
  • Cancel anytime
  • Hosting not included*

Full Support

Optimisations and protection for larger sites
£ 70 per month
  • Wordpress Updates
  • Fortnightly plugin/theme updates
  • Daily backups
  • Security protection and monitoring
  • Enhanced performance optimisation
  • 90 mins tech support/changes per month
  • Enhanced monthly web care report sent to your email
  • Cancel anytime
  • Hosting not included*

Our Eco Web Hosting is available from £20 per month* Enquire here for details

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Included in all packages...

WordPress Maintenance Services

Small Content Changes

Forget paying larger agencies hundreds to change a couple of words on your site! We do it for free when you purchase one of our web care packages. A website is a flexible form of marketing. If content needs to be changed or updated then this can be done. However, not everyone has the time or know-how to make website changes properly and effectively. This is where we come in. We are able to make content changes to your site based on your request. We can make the changes quickly and efficiently, without damaging the layout or look so that you can focus on running your business.

Software Updates

It is highly important to update your website's software. This includes core files, themes, plugins, PHP versions and more. Failing to do so can leave your site vulnerable to hackers. If a site is hacked then it could cost thousands to fix. Also, when software has not been updated the site may not work as it should which negatively affects user experience, and harms your search ranking. As part of our website maintenance and hosting service, we ensure that your website is regularly updated so that it is performing to its potential, as well as being secure from hackers.

Regular Secure Backups

We realise that there is always a chance that things go wrong and that at some point you may need to restore a previous backup in order to fix a problem. If your website is not backed up then this could mean forking out to build a completely new website. This is why we offer regular backups within our maintenance packages so that you have that peace of mind if something were to go wrong with your website, you are covered.

Responsive Technical Support

If you come across a problem with your website it is always useful to have someone you can as for advice. That's why within our website maintenance packages we include tech support. This means that you can get in touch with us and we will try to help. Your problem could be anything from how to use the software to fix an issue with spam comments. Our expert knowledge and advice will save you a bundle of time and money.

Do you need something extra?

Web Care + Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you're looking for an all-in-one web care and SEO package we can help!

The cost of your bespoke package will be based on how many pages you have on your website, whether it's a standard brochure site, or an eCommerce one, and the level of SEO that you need.

Our packages are payable on a monthly basis and cover ongoing SEO optimisation to ensure that your website is ranked highly on search engines such as Google and that you are not only getting web visits but are also converting once they are on there.

Let's discuss what difference we can can make to your search engine rankings and website care.

Website Care Plan FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

It is a number of tasks which are required in order to keep your website Core, Files, Themes, Plugins, and Code up to date.

If your website is not kept up to date then over time it will become vulnerable to security threats, slow to load, and suffer from poor ranking on search engines.

The cost of maintaining a website can vary depending on the features and amount of pages on the site. Here at One Man we offer competitive affordable rates to fit your budget.

At One Man Web Design, we follow a strict and logical process when performing maintenance on your site.

This results in no down time for your website. The first thing we do is take a backup of your website. Then we update the plugins and themes one by one to check if any of the updates are causing problems to the website. Following this, we check the security log to see if there are any persistent hackers and block them using our third party plugin software. Next we action any content changes that you have requested.

Once this is all done we will then do a final check and your site will be running live without any issues.<br></br>

In terms of our hosting, we use Krystal Hosting. for all of our websites. It’s fast, secure, eco friendly, and offers fantastic UK based customer service. Contact us for more information.

Website maintenance can be performed on a range of platforms on the internet such as WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, SquareSpace, Weebly, Shopify, and more.

No matter what platform your site is designed on, you should regularly perform website maintenance activities. This is because over time code runs the risk of becoming vulnerable and at a risk to hackers.

You can contact us by email at or fill in our web contact form. We can then discuss your requirements further and give an estimate of cost.